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Home Phone

The North Group Telecom Home Phone is an IP based telephone service that allows you to make and receive phone calls without a physical telephone line. The Home Phone operates over the Internet, providing you with high quality service that you can connect to wherever you have an Internet connection. You no longer have to be constrained to a physical line! You can use this phone in multiple locations. The North Group Telecom Home Phone service is available to consumers worldwide with many of the features you need. Enjoy the convenience and cost effectiveness of the North Group Telecom Home Phone today. Call us to learn more about how you can release yourself from your physical phone line and enjoy the benefits of the North Group Telecom Home Phone.

Key Features

Unlimited Calls



Unlimited Calls



Unlimited Calls

North America


Our Packages

Package Features & Benefits Local Canada North America
Port Your Phone Number
Local Calling
Canada Calling
North America Calling
Caller ID
Basic 911
Call Forwarding
Call Rejection
Do Not Disturb
Three-Way Calling
Call Transfer
Advanced Voicemail
Caller ID Block
Visual Call Waiting
Package Price (Monthly) $9.95/M $14.95/M $19.95/M

Hardware Price:

  • If you want to purchase the hardware, price is $60
  • If you rent it, price is $5