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More than just TV. Enjoy the Apps you love and more.

IPTV Services

IPTV is a modern take on watching television that is also convenient and price-effective. You can enjoy all your favourite programs and more, without watching advertisements. Save your valuable time with this user-friendly software that allows you to enjoy the best high-definition programming whenever and wherever you are. With over 100’s of apps available for you to download, you can enjoy multilingual apps and your favourite TV series or customize your apps to your preference which may include cooking, fitness, language, education, entertainment, sports, and so much more. More than just a TV, learn more about IPTV today.

Peerless Equipment

Enjoy high quality programming with our quad core Ultra HD TV box. What you want in your television programming, you will get, and more! With high-definition pictures and guaranteed transmission speed the IPTV will not disappoint!

Open Source

Customize your TV box to your preferences using Android-based customization. Conveniently install and uninstall applications to create a customized experience that is right for you.

On Demand

100s of Apps on your TV

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